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Mice/Albino mouse going bald?


About 3 weeks ago
About 3 weeks ago  
Hello there, I have 2 mice that I've had for almost a year now one black mouse with one eye, and one albino mouse who was in perfect health. About a month ago I noticed a small patch of fur missing on her back. Now a month on her fur is patchy. The skin is not irritated or red. Her whiskers are still intact. There are no marks or cuts on her. The other mouse is not showing any of these symptoms? They are housed in a 3 story cage just under a meter in height and she is fed on a complete mouse dried food. I have checked for parasites and I cannot see any? She is eating and drinking well and her health overall seems fine it's just her fur? Many thanks for reading. Em.

Hello Em,

Although the main parasites which plague mice, mites, are invisible to the naked eye, that is not the problem here.

Also this is not age-related.

It does not look like a fungus to me either, though I am less competent with that.

The most likely cause is what is called barbering: The other mouse is 'cutting' her fur; or 'over grooming.' A mouse can actually do it to herself as well, but I believe that is far less likely.

If her behavior is normal and the skin is always clean and the edges are generally sharp like this, take her unusual appearance as a part of her unusual beauty. She has a stylish haircut!!

I apologize greatly for the lateness of my reply.

Squeaks n giggles,


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