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Hi Tamarah,

Sammy's hair has grown back since I came back home, I think he was just upset with the change of situation. However, Deliah's bump is almost invisible was there for about a week before I left still there now, but its more like a scab its the only one on her. However, she is appearing to make a noise like a hiccupping sound but with her whole body? I am not sure how to explain it. It may be more like a sneeze, but her eyes and ears are clean, her fur is smooth minus the small bump/scab and she appears more or less the same. She's still eating and drinking normally. And she's been making the sound for about a week to two weeks.


Hi Wendy,

I'm so glad Sammy's hair returned!  That's great news.  It's also terrific that Deliah's bump has scabbed, as it means it's likely an injury which is on its way to healing up on its own.

The sneezing however is a concern to me.  A healthy mouse should not sneeze, cough, hiccup regularly, click, or make any noise like that.  Is it possible the cage is just dusty, or something in her environment is irritating her?  My concern would be the possibility of an upper respiratory infection, which can be quite serious if not addressed in a timely manner and treated with antibiotics.  Unfortunately, other symptoms like a grungy coat, low appetite, lethargy, dull eyes, etc. may not present until a mouse is already in serious decline.  Since mice are prey animals, they are very good at not showing when they are sick, so it's important that we watch for those little clues like sneezing.

Do you have a vet you can take her to?  That would be the absolute best option.  A veterinarian who works with pocket pets like mice can immediately let you know if it's a concern, and if so, give you the best prescription antibiotics to treat it quickly and effectively.  If this is not possible, please write me back and I'll talk you through how to give tetracycline, an over the counter general antibiotic you can give to both of them in their water bottle.  It's not as good as a vet visit, but it could definitely help if the sneezing does mean an infection.

Just let me know what else I can do, and again, I'm so thrilled that their ouchies from before have remedied themselves so smoothly!  It's great that you are so attentive and caring with them!



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