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I own a similar mouse as the one about which a question was posted earlier. He has a red bump in the middle of his spinal area, nearly in the exact same spot as one previous person posted. It was mentioned that it's likely a wart. Is that still the consensus?

Thank you expert,
I appreciate your response.

ANSWER: Hi Denis,

I'm sorry, I'm not sure which question you mean.  Is there any way you could get a photo of your mouse's bump and ask me a followup question with it attached, so I could give you a better response?  Bumps can be several different things, so it'd help me out a lot.  If you can't, you can just give me a link to the question so I can see what you are talking about, but a picture would be best if possible.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


The link is above, and the spot on my mouse is pretty much exactly in the same place as the mouse in that link. Now it has been a few days and it's no longer red. It's more like dark brown or black, and it seems to be smaller. I would have to check again as I am not home often enough.

Thank you for responding by the way!


No wonder I didn't remember the question - Natasha answered it!  :)  I see that she didn't come to any other conclusions although she couldn't confirm what the spot was.  That makes sense, as we are not vets and can't see the bump in person or do a skin scraping to test for parasites or infections.

The fact that it has lessened in redness and shrunk makes me think it is probably more likely an injury like a scratch or a bug bite that has since started to heal.  Warts are of course possible, but so are pimples, bug bites, environmental irritants, mites, lice, allergies, get the idea.  Without a vet visit the only thing we can do is try to narrow it down. Since it is healing on its own, I would consider just letting it do its own thing for now, and if you see it worsen, then consider rubbing something on it like an antibiotic ointment to help keep it clean as it heals.

If there is anything else I can help with please let me know!


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