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Mice/Spooky and Runaway :(


Hi Tamarah

I am so sad, I came home last night and Spooky is making a clicking sound. :(  he is a little over 3 years it looks like he can't jump from off his little bed and almost like he is afraid to jump down like he always did :( one side of his face looks deformed and his one eye on that side is all glassy over :( he sits  in the corner and just stares. he could be eating and he just freezes, I nudge him a little and he snaps out of it. :( I am at a loss, I had him so long he is my little baby I am devastated if he goes. he usually eats his chocolate cracker but he showed no interest so I gave him some boiled white rice cold and he gobbled some of that up. I put baby Tylenol in his water and tetracycline. he looks a little in pain. :(.

Little Runaway is extremely distant last night where he would normally charge me to the door he just walked up to the door I passed him some rice too which he would usually pass the rice and go for my fingers, but he didn't he sat there with his tail in his water not even keeping it up, took the rice maybe ate 3 and went upstairs to bed. :(

I know I have other little mice but this is devastating  to me. I don't know if I have asked you a question I am so distraught at the thought of losing either one of these guys - they are special. Well I just wanted you to know. I can not stop crying.
Is it time for Spooky Tamarah? I think I know your answer but maybe you know something else I can try to get him better, please?

Hi Leah,

It sounds like you're doing everything you can for Spooky, and 3 years is a great age for a mouse!  A vet would be able to tell you exactly what's going on, but I suspect from you saying that he pauses in his activity and one side of his face looks off that he has either had a stroke or is having small seizures (or seizures brought on by a stroke).  Both are caused by old age and can't be prevented or helped (although a vet may be able to prescribe a medicine that can reduce the number of seizures over time).  Of course, I have only your description to go on, so I cannot say for certain that is what is actually happening, all I can do from here is guess.

If you can't get him to a vet, the most important thing to do is to make him as comfortable as possible.  Since he is having trouble moving around easily, remove any potential hazards (if he has a wheel, and any heights he could fall from should be restricted/removed).  Then it's just giving him lots of love, attention, whatever good foods and treats he will eat, and keeping him hydrated.  The tylenol and tetracycline are both great ideas, especially for the clicking sound.

Does Runaway know what is going on with Spooky?  Is he in an area where he can see him?  I kind of wonder if he is sad about it, or even just sad because you are.  Mice do pick up on how you are feeling.  I would keep a close eye on little Runaway to be sure he doesn't start to click, just in case, but I would not worry too much just because he is calmer around you.

My thoughts are with you and Spooky.  If you can visit a vet, now would be the best time.  Anything you can do to make however much time he has left, whether it's days or months, is worth doing.  You are a very compassionate pet owner!  Spooky is in caring, responsible hands.



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