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Mice/Mouse DEHYDRATED!(Please hurry and answer!)



My mouse raindrop always has fresh water, but recently (Starting about a week ago, but not as bad as it seems now) I have noticed she seems not to be drinking on her own.

(I have also noticed that her poops are harder than usual, her fur is scruffy, and her tail skin seems dry and flaky.)

I took her out of the cage to water her with a spoon, but she still wouldn't drink.

Then I tried mixing yogurt with water (About 2 thirds water and 1 third yogurt) and she was interested. I watered her 3 times throughout the day yesterday, taking her out and holding her while I give her spoonful by spoonful, as much as she would drink of the yogurt water.
(I think she drunk about a spoonful each time)

Today, however, I can't get her to drink much, only a few licks.

How do you think I could help her to drink enough?

Also, how often should I offer her a drink and how much should she be drinking each time?


She has to go to the vet immediately. This isn't going to get better on its own.

She should be syringe fed water or soy/rice milk every four hours. If you can get even 0.2 ml in her it will help.

She should also have some really wet foods-- watermelon, other melon,  a peeled grape), the wet center of a cucumber, an orange section cut so it is dripping.. next to her in the cage if she is not moving around much.

She will not last long like this without finding the cause of the dehydration.

I wish her luck. I hope the vet can determine the problem.

Worried squeaks,


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