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Mice/Mouse sneezes getting worse; small tank, lives alone


Hi! So 5 days ago, I got a female mouse (feeder mouse, not  a fancy mouse), named Sherbert. For the past 3 days, whenever she wakes up, she sneezes/coughs for about a minute, then stops. After that, she only occasionally sneezes, about once every 30-60 minutes, but its getting worse. :( I use carefresh bedding, and keep her in a 10 gallon tank. Does she have a respitory infection, and if so, how can I help her get better? Thanks in advance from both Sherbert and I!

Hi Emily,

She needs to go to the vet, and she needs a bigger tank and a girlfriend!

She has a respiratory infection, and those don't go away in mice without antibiotics. They can also kill them pretty suddenly.

The tank is too small and besides not giving her any space to move around, the ammonia from her urine is building up in the tiny space and aggravating her respiratory system.

And mice are sociable like people-- and like people do need friends of their own species. Female mice should always live, when possible, in groups of three or more, but never less than two. They get depressed, which makes them more likely to get sick and to get mites.

So that is a lot to do-- vet, bigger tank, girlfriends. But Sherbert is going to be writing here and donating sunflower seeds in thanks for me helping you to help her :)

squeaks n giggles,



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