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Mice/red, swollen, infected mouse ears


Hi, our mouse's ears became infected and swollen and they laid back flat on his head and looked bad. He also scratched a patch of hair off on his side toward the back. He still scratches at his ears and face around his nose despite treatment but the bald patch cleared up after treatment. We took him to the vet who gave us 2 liquid medications - each in a small syringe - one for mites and one for infection. We put this on some cheese and he ate it fine. His ears did not improve, so we took him back to the vet who indicated this was all he had to give Peanut except something like Benadryl for allergies, so we cleaned, changed his bedding and discontinued his sunflower seeds. Ears still look so bad and he doesn't play around or on his wheel as much. He is getting close to two yr. old. He will bite some of the time, so we have to be cautious. His tail may have been hurt when he pulled away while we were trying to pick him up by his tail. It turned red at the tip and he squeaked a lot and ran into his sock which is in his den and where he sleeps and hides. When we tried to get him to come out, he just started squeaking over and over and now we do not know what to do. This vet only is in on Mondays. Other than these recent problems, Peanut has led a very happy life being spoiled and treated as an important member of our family. Now we are very worried about his little ears and his tail and any help would be very appreciated. He really is Mr. Personality and very, very special. Could an ordinary sock of ours that he spends a lot of time in (and loves) possibly cause itching? Nowhere past his head seems affected and he does seem like a barber mouse, maybe from ocd...


I am so sorry for the delay. I know someone who had a very similar situation (which sadly did not turn out well) and I want to examine this as carefully as possible.

What were the exact two medications?

For parasites-- this could be sarcoptic mange mites-- he should be treated with Revolution. That is really the safest, easiest, and most effective thing there is. That is given as a drop of liquid on the skin, usually at the back of the neck.

I don't know how one liquid dose of anything would be for infection.

Is this an exotics vet? You may want to look for a more experienced vet, here. You have to call and ask about mice:

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (WORLDWIDE)

Association of Avian Veterinarians (USA)

The Rat Whisperer (USA)

The Rat Fan Club: Rat Vetsó(Midwest and Eastern U.S.)

It would be helpful for me to see photos of the ears now and if you have happened to take any during the course of this problem.

And I just saw about his tail. Damn. I am sorry. I should have given you some med info right away. :(

He can have a drop of children's liquid ibuprofen every four hours...

Is the tail normal now? Or is it red, puffy, hot, swollen, sore to the touch, or smells?

I am so sorry.

From now on *NEVER* pick up a mouse by its tail. You can slide the skin and fur right off and that is terribly painful.

To pick up a reluctant mouse, usher him into a toilet paper roll and pick it up with one hand on each end.

If you ever do have to, the ONLY way to do it safely is this: Grasp the tail *right* at the rump, meaning your fingers should be touching his body fur, and lift up slightly; then put your other hand underneath him to support him. Mice must never be dangled by their tails at all.

Poor little guy now I feel so mean. :(

If you can answer my questions or send photos I will do my best to help more. I can post the photos in a group of people who are very good at rat medicine; they often help me with mice too.

Many apologies and begging his Royal Mouseness to forgive me :(




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