It's me again, little Spooky is hanging on :) but all he does is sleep, he has the critter trail cage and he sleeps in the top part where your suppose to feed them.but I cut a roll of paper towels each sheet into inch side pieces. I saw him start to carry them up one by one so I just grabbed 2 big handfuls of paper and sprinkled it all over the place. And he made a little bed up there. I wish I could shrink myself and get in there and cuddle with him, and he could tell me how he is doing and what is hurting him. He doesn't use his other two cages at all.As much as I want to talk and play with him on his porch. I just let him sleep, I tell him I am here if he wants to come down. He doesn't anymore when I am there he just faces me and sleeps. So I leave food close to were he would be when he does come down. He doesn't drink from his bottle anymore I don't think he can push that little ball to get the water out. I put a bowl of water for him. He does come down and eat but not when I am there, I put little pieces of food traps for when he comes down because I want to make sure he does come down.
I had such a ruff start with Spooky, he was not friendly at all.  Sort of like Runaway, he would take every opportunity he had to bite me. Spooky got me a couple times. He would hide behind things and just as I opened the door like a bat he was splat on the door. It scared the day lights out of me, and some how I think he enjoyed doing that.  I could never hold him. But as I was losing my other mice Spooky was losing his friends and he finally let me be his friend.  
Runaway  cage is were he can see Spooky, they would play too when Runaway was on the loose. And I try not to cry when I am in there, but sometimes I just get so sad I do.

Hey Leah,

Spooky looks just fine in the picture, but of course I can't see how he acts.  It definitely sounds like he is getting more tired.  You are doing a great job taking care of him and caring about him.  He is lucky to have you watching over him!



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