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Tamarah, he finally came out long enough to get this picture. It was dark when he came out and I was trying to hold the flash light but careful not to shine it in his eyes. He is eating and drinking, I even leave him on his porch I just put a screen on when I am away. It's where he really wants to be just sitting and sleeping on his porch. I haven't seen him exercise lately but who can blame him.

He is sitting by his food eating on his porch. I have to spread his food out for him so he can pick what he feels like eating. I don't know whether he can see out of his eye. But if I don't spread his food out he just sniffs what's on top and if it isn't what he feels like eating . He just doesn't eat. But when I spread it out he sniffs around and gets what he likes. It seems if he has to dig for it in a bowl it's to much for him. This way I know my little guy is eating.
I hope this picture is good enough so you can have some idea.

I don't know if you can see the little guys back and hair.
I hope I am not too late for you to tell me  what you think is wrong with him, and what I can do to make him better or more comfortable thanks

It's tough for me to tell from the photo what exactly is wrong with his eye, unfortunately.  You may have already told me, I'm sorry, are you positive the bleeding is coming from the eye itself and not the skin around it?  It looks very irritated.  If something as simple as mites is causing the skin around that eye to become sore and bloody, it can be fixed with Revolution from a veterinarian.  You might not even have to make an appointment - give your vet a call and see if they would be willing to sell you a dose to use at home (the product is typically for cats and dogs).  You only need one drop from the kitten Revolution (lowest concentration) on the back of his neck.  It soaks into the skin and gets rid of all the mites, so there is no need to put it on or anywhere near his eye to help.  At the same time, give his whole cage area a good cleaning to get rid of any mites that might be in the environment.  If a vet will not give you kitten Revolution, you can also try a spray called 8-in-1 (avian version will be gentlest), but as it can be very scary to be sprayed down like that, you might see if you can get the Revolution first.

Of course, that is only if the problem is irritated skin around the eye.  If his actual eyeball is causing all that irritation and what I am seeing is just discharge, then plain saline eyedrops along with the antibiotics I think you said you already have in the water is the only thing you can do short of a vet visit.  A vet visit any way you can is still the best way to help his eye and keep him comfortable.  If nothing else, it will at least allow you to get him on better antibiotics at home, since an open wound is a risk for a body-wide infection and illness.  Again - NO vet can put your pet down without your permission.  They are there to help.

I think what you're doing with the food is very helpful and very sweet of you.  You are an extremely considerate pet owner!  Give my love to Spooky, and keep me updated on how he is doing and if there is any other way I can help out.



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