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Spooky resting
Spooky resting  
Spooky eye
Spooky eye  
QUESTION: I am so sad to tell you that Spooky died a few minutes ago, and you were the first person I wanted to know. I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me and especially Spooky. I held him, sang to him, and told him it's ok to go, he is in Gods loving hands now. I know I have 11 more who need me but this little guy I will miss more then any other. It was weird when I got home I couldn't find him all the other little mice weren't running on their wheels like they always did. The room was quite. Usually one of them would be making noice but not a peep. Let those that get to go on their porches out, they walked out and went back in, they didn't play. Little Runaway he just sat their staring at me holding Spooky and crying. No biting on the bars, nothing. Didn't charge me when I feed him he just walked into the other cage. Igor the leader of the pack, waits for me and likes charge the door too. But he didn't even come down to see me. Peepers, Beebles just looked around and Mickey tried to jump out of his porch towards Spooky. Sqweekers, Filbert, & Ollie just slept and they are always running on their wheels. Pumpkin and Princess they didn't even come to eat. I think they gave him the quite he needed so he could rest. I  was granted the gift from God that I could hold him when he passed, and it did, it is the only happiness I have in that he didn't die alone. He was a good little mouse. Sending you a picture of him resting and then one with his eye I wanted you to see, don't know if it matters now but maybe if it happens to someone else in a way Spooky can help another little mouse with whatever it was.
I really thought when I gave him the Revolution he was taking a turn for the better. I did not see this coming. I don't no how I can pick myself up right now.

ANSWER: I am so sorry to hear this, Leah.

Spooky was lucky to have you looking after him.  His eye does look better to me, but we can't always be sure what causes a pet to pass.

My thoughts are with you and your other mice during this difficult time.  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Tamarah, don't ever leave this site. You have no idea how much you are appreciated, for your time, and caring about little mice you don't even know. I found comfort in everything you said and that you cared enough to help me with my little guys.
Always remember My little Spooky :( if he could thank you he would, that's the kind of mouse he was.

There are no questions for you Tamarah just a heartfelt Thank you from the bottom to top of my heart.

It is so hard for me to take down his tanks :( it finalizes he won't be running to see me. I am so sad I always wished I could shrink
myself and go in the tank and play with him. Silly but I loved him so much.
Thank you again

You're welcome, Leah.  Eventually it will feel better.  Just remember you have a lot of other babies to devote your attention to, and they love you, too.  You might be able to find a pet memorial website where you can dedicate a picture and say a few words about him "crossing the rainbow bridge," which may help you deal with his loss.

Again, if there is anything I can do, just let me know.


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