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We have two pet mice we are girls who's names are Luka and Oslo. (We found out a few months after we named them that they were girls but we still call them boys, we got accustomed to it ) but luka is bigger he has been since we got them. He eats  a good amount I wouldn't say too much but he is very active he always runs on his wheel for hours at a time so we know he gets a lot of exercise. Lately (the past month or so) he has been getting constipated (or so we believe it is)

When this happens, he squeaks very loud and viciously. We take him out and rub his stomach and rub it with a q tip and let him lick oil off our fingers and he always poops right after. It has been happening more and more often. It used to happen once a week I want to say and this week it has been pretty often as in 2-4 times a week. Today in particular he had around 5 of these episodes. We did everything we usually do and he pooped every time. One was quite larger and another was stringy.

We haven't changed his diet in the last month, if anything we have started cutting back on the snacks we give him and we try to watch what he eats to see what causes it but we can't figure it out.  One episode today got so bad I tried calling the vet to see if they could answer any of my concerns but they were closed and luckily he pooped shortly after.

Thank you!!


I am going to talk to some people I know who are good at rat medicine and very often very helpful with mice. Are you on Facebook? It is much easier to find me there because I run a large rat and mouse group. That way they can also ask you questions directly.

I have a few suggestions to start with.

1. Canned pumpkin is good for constipation; you can give him some daily.
2. The oil should be a part of his daily diet as preventative
3. Probiotics are very helpful; get capsules and give him maybe a pin's head worth once a day.
4. He should have body massages whenever he is held.

Those can address the tendency; the question is, what is the actual problem.

If you are on Facebook you can friend me:

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and pm me.

Write back in either case; and if you aren't on FB then I will ask the question to my friends the way  it is, but if you are, it will be great to have you able to ask and answer questions.




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