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Here is the longhair male
Here is the longhair m  
This is the female
This is the female  
QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
I feel I've found myself in quite a situation...after some idiots at my school tried to play a prank on me, which ended with me having two little black fancy mice, my mother says we can't keep them. The problem with that being as this is the first time Ive ever had fancy mice, I fell absoultly in love with them. They are not very old probably about a month or two old, but another problem is that one is a male and the other a yes. I really need tips on care and facts that could help me to keep them my mother doesn't see the point in them but I already know I love mice..I've just never dealt with non-wilds before.Please help, I don't want to give them away knowing they will probably be someone's snake food.

ANSWER: Hi Jada,

Are you sure you don't make up these rodent scenarios to keep me busy? lol

Separate them immediately. She may already be pregnant.

I can't tell you what I think of idiot kids who think it is funny to buy and use a mouse or rat as a prank as thought it were a doll and not a living creature.  

The best place for mouse information is the Fun Mouse website.

I did suggest to you that you phase out of the rats and into mice instead, when you asked about getting more rats, so this might be the right time. Your mom should see the virtue in having smaller rather than larger pets.

You would need one of two more females to live with the girl. Male mice live singly.

Mice are sweet, funny, tenacious, friendly, creative, smart (though not quite as smart as rats), and fun to watch as well as hold. They are also very very, very clean. Cleaner than cats, cleaner than rats, mice keep themselves spotless. That is they keep themselves clean. They may poop on you. But mouse poops are not gross like rat poops (their pee is worse though!)

Whatever else you do, separate the mice right now. The last thing you need is babies.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dear Natasha,
I believe they are 6 weeks at least(I ontly think that because they are about the size that Felix was before he was eaten by a cat) ...and to answer your question I wish I did:)Lol.
I'll check out the fun mouse again been awhile since I looked at that website,  and I've separated them. But now the question is if she is pregnant what do I do? After my rats reach their old age i was going to get mice anyway, but i feel sorry for Justin (my brown hooded rat) he's gone down hill fast he lays around and is lethargic and skinny, i don't really know whats wrong.


Justin needs to go to the vet pronto. Lethargy is a very dangerous sign for a rat. I am glad you said you have saved up for vet bills.

You are not on FB right? I am going to set you up with an established mouse breeder by email if you can write me a private message with your email address.




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I can answer questions about raising mice and caring for them as pets, with knowledge from my 38 years of having fancy mice as pets. I have NO MEDICAL TRAINING and you should take a sick mouse to the vet; but if you simply can't, I will try to help you. I LOVE PHOTOS!!! I ALSO LOVE UPDATES! Let me know how the little tyke is doing later on, for better or worse, especially orphans. It also helps me to help the next person. Please first search first: use 'Natasha Mice Mouse' with whatever else your question includes. Or check out these links: **** YOUR FIRST MOUSE (my video; rough draft): **** TEN VIDEOS ON RAISING ORPHANS: **** SEXING MICE: **** And some GREAT MOUSE INFO SITES:


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