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I have a pet mouse named Gussy, she's about two years old I think. I'm not sure what's wrong with her and while she is considered a part of the family my mother doesn't see the point in paying 100$ at the vet for a 5$ mouse if we can find a treatment online. It started with her scratching constantly at her left ear to the point where it was bleeding quite a bit. We asked the pet store and they said it was probably mites and we bought some mite spray and used that and it seemed to help but then over the next few weeks we noticed that Gussy's right eye was swollen and the ear she had been scratching wasn't really healing. It's just scabby and crusty. Also she has developed what looks like a skin tag under her chin and recently we noticed that the area under her back right leg is swollen. She's been sleeping and eating normally and it doesn't seem to affect her movement but we are worried none the less. Any advice you have would be very much appreciated. Thanks, Lacey.


Gussy does need the vet. The original price tag doesn't measure the worth of the being. I cost my mom $75 to be born and my sister cost $400 (yeah I am ancient and health insurance companies were not greedy like they are now) but it didn't make her skimp on my doctor bills!!

I really think mice should cost $50 apiece. Then for the same, wonderful creatures, instead of parents saying "I'm not going to pay $100 at the vet for a $5 pet" they would be saying "This mouse cost us $50. You had better keep it healthy."

Last example: If you had two dogs; one came from a breeder for $300 and the other, the same breed, came from the dog pound for free, would it be right to pay vet care for the first but not the second? Does the price tag really indicate the worth?

The best way to treat for mites is the same stuff that you use on dogs and cats, Revolution. If you have a dog or cat the vet may let you have some, or you might convince a vet to give you a kitten dose without a visit.  You would put one drop on the skin on the back of the neck and not let her wash for ten minutes. That is good for a month and maybe forever.

However the eye swelling, unless it is because she cut herself scratching and it got infected, is unrelated and could be quite serious. She could be developing an abscess (fixable) or a tumor (possibly fixable  partially  depending on the vet)

The swelling under the leg.. the thing under her chin..

No, there is nothing you will find online to replace a vet visit for all of these things.

If you need to find a good exotics vet, you can use one of these  Vet Finders. You just plug in your location and find vets near you.

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (WORLDWIDE)

Association of Avian Veterinarians (USA)

The Rat Whisperer (USA)

The Rat Fan Club: Rat Vetsó(Midwest and Eastern U.S.)

Best of luck to Gussy. Tell your mom her soul as as big as anyone's!




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