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Mice/Mouse loses friend to cancer


QUESTION: I am not sure what is wrong with my mouse. I cleaned their cage yesterday and noticed a lump in her hind area. I noticed because she was limping slightly and her tail seemed off center. She has lump that was not there two days ago and seems the same size today. She is eating, sleeping and seems not to be in any pain. I have no vets that are near me that treat small animals. I am not sure what to do or if there is any sort of home treatment. It is the lower area that is effected the lump is right under her left leg. I want am hoping someone might have an idea what to do. I read it could be cancerous or a cyst that has developed. She is about a year old and I am not sure what to do to help her. she is in care fresh bedding and has a cage mate who never bites or is cruel to her. They both came from the same store and have lived together since they were babies. I just feel really badly for claire and am hoping there might be something I can do to help...


Where are you? There may be exotic vets you don't know of nearby:

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (WORLDWIDE)

Association of Avian Veterinarians (USA)

The Rat Whisperer (USA)

The Rat Fan Club: Rat Vetsó(Midwest and Eastern U.S.)

Questions:  Does it look any different now? Has it grown? What does it feel like--hard or soft?

A million apologies for being late. My rat and mouse group on FB has swelled to almost 6000 members and it is very hard to run it and do pretty much anything else at all.

Are you on Facebook? You can friend me:

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Again, so sorry for being so late. Of course you can write me back here too. Facebook is just quicker.



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QUESTION: The lump is still there it is soft and seems about the same size. She is still eating and sleeping. I read some place that it might be a cyst or something of that sort. Though to tell you the truth these are the first two mice I have owned. My gerbil I know more about then them so I am not sure what to do for her. She is still walking and eating and what no but sleeping more then she did before. But she allows me to handle her and does not appear to be in any pain.


Sorry, I had answered this and must have lost connection when I sent it.

Let's try treating it like an abscess first. Instructions for antibiotics are here:

At the same time you can apply heat (not too hot)  to it 2-3 times a day to try to bring it to a head.

If it opens up you will need to keep it clean until it heals. A pure saline, or veterycin, can be used with a Q tip to clean out the wound twice a day.

Let me know what happens.



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QUESTION: My poor mouse passed away today Im not sure when I found her alittle while ago. I think she didn't suffer to greatly but I was fairly certain little could be done for her. It seems it was simply her time. I have one left who is sort of sneezy but she has always been that way. I am hopeful she will not be effected health wise but what has happened. My main concern now is ensuring that she is treated well and handled often because I have heard once a cage mate dies they often tend to die as well.


I am very sorry you lost her :(.

Yes the other mouse will be sad and likely to become depressed, which can lead to illness; and both illness and living alone can lead to mites.

If you are not going to be continuing to have mice, she needs a whole lot of love from you because you are her only mouse friend. You may notice a marked personality change in a few days as she realizes you are the only one she has. She may become more oriented toward you. She will need over an hour of time a day; best is if she can sit in your sleeve or on your shoulder while you do other things. Face time is important too.

If you do want more mice, now is the time to get 2-3 little ones and introduce her to them. Put them all in a clean cage with only one place to sleep, put a little REAL vanilla on their rumps and necks, and watch. Chasing and squeaking is normal; separate in case of blood, depression, obvious continued terror, or if someone is blocked from food, water, nest, or wheel.

Her sneezing should be addressed with antibiotics.

Best of luck to her.




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