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2 Baby Mice
2 Baby Mice  

We had just found four baby mice. We're guessing their between 1-2 weeks old as their eyes are not opened all the way but move around pretty good and have lots of fur. So far we have just been feeding them baby formula with lots of water in it. Two had recently die, and we don't know what type of mice they are. But we are just wondering if it's dangerous for us to be handing them.
I don't want to get sick but I don't also want to let them for either.


Dear Darlene,

<darnit I was answering this 12 hours ago and stopped to ask someone about the formula and lost track :( >

The chances of a mouse pup having the deadly hantavirus are infinitesimally small. But never say never unless you want to be sued, lol! I have been trying to find out exactly how each US case has been contracted (about 600 in the last 20 years) but if it was ever from a mouse pinky, I think I would actually eat my hat! Depends on the hat though. :)

Lots of water means not enough nutrients. Baby formula does not need to be watered down unless you see the little things gaping after or during feeding.


These links can help you to nurse a baby. These ten short videos are invaluable:

Raising Orphan Mouse Pups: ten videos about raising orphans from day one (1/10 through 10/10) by Aud Fischer, member of RAA

The Rat Fan Club: Raising orphaned rats or mice

American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association: Caring for Rat & Mouse Orphans

Lastly, I run a group on Facebook for people with orphans. It is called Oh, No, Babies! because we help with oops litters too. If you friend me I can put you in it and give you your own post thread with at least one experienced person who can answer your questions. If you have no questions, fine, ignore it; if you have questions you will get much much quicker answers there than here (lately I have taken up to 3 days to answer. My other rat and mouse group has grown to 6000 people so I am spread extremely thin!). You will also be able to post an emergency post which others can see and help with.

Friend me here:

and pm me. Include your photo if it is easy to do so, because I will head your thread with it (otherwise I can get it from here).

I wish you and the mouse pups the very best of luck and health.




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