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Mice/Rescue mouse eating its own tail update


Bandits tail
Bandits tail  

Bandits whole body
Bandits whole body  

Here are the pictures of bandits tail today.

After i messaged you things got worse, he chewed more and then it forked and half of it turned black and half of it tuned pink and the fork was bleeding everywhere. then It got much much better the black fork simply fell of and it sealed up and she hasn't chewed it to my knowledge anymore. It seems to be a bit more swelled than the rest of the tail but it doesn't seem to hurt and she has brightened up even more. it also has a light fuzz regrowing on it at the moment.

I still don't know why that happened and i hope it heals fully!

I plan on reintroducing her into the mouse pack when she is fully healed so she can have companionship. In the mean time she has play dates with them on the coffee table and they groom each other and get some excersize.

If you have any idea why this happened or information regarding recovery of whats left would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you! <3


Well congratulations on no more chewing. The best I can give you is there was something that didn't feel right. Maybe a fungus or something? And she chewed it off. I don't think it had anything to do with the other mice. I think she could be reintroduced now. The play dates sound cute :) and show that she needs companionship.

Did you take any other photographs of it? I am in a rat medical group which helps me with my mice. Mice and rats are not identical, but many things are the same. There are some very knowledgeable people there including a vet and several vet techs-- as well as the two authors of Rat Guide, which is basically the Bible of rat information. If they don't know anything more than I do, they will be interested in the case.

Best of luck to her with her friends.




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