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I was recently forced to buy 6 feeder mice for my snake. I really didnt want to have to feed them to my snake but it was life or death for the snake. Anyway, the snake only ate 3 so I've been hand raising 3 lovely babies. They all seem to be growing fine but, the boy makes a clicking noise all the time. I know that purring is a thing but, I don't think that's what is going on as he clicks all the time. I'm concerned that its a respiratory infection. I would gladly take the little guy to the vet as Id be devastated if he passed away but, the nearest vet that will even see mice is in a totally different state.

If it is a respiratory infection is there anything I can do to help him out or at least soothe him if he is going to pass away?

Also, I can not get little Thimble to go to the bathroom. I know he has to go or he will get all backed up but he just refuses. Can this have something to do the clicking noise? How can I get him to go?

Dear Erin,

It is very hard to help with no idea as to the age of the pups. When did you get them? Any idea about age at that point? Can you get a photo? Can you get a weight in grams?

The 'backing up' is a very great worry. The basic method is to take your pinky (so you recognize the feel of healthy baby tummy and can notice right away if it feels harder, as in bloat) and gently rub his tiny abdomen, genitals, and anus. It can even take five minutes. It is hard for me to know from here if the problem is constipation or dehydration. You are feeding them every two hours minimum? If you gently pinch the skin and pull it and let go, does it stay peaked at all?

If he still doesn't eliminate, a tiny drop of olive oil in his formula with the next feeding can help.

***IF you have Facebook***

The best way for me to help with orphans these days, especially when it involves a medical issue, is for me to take you into a special private Facebook group I have called Oh, No, Babies!, which is specifically for orphans or oops litters of rats or mice. We have a ton of information and videos and staff mentors with medical and orphan experience. I want to set you up with someone I have already told about your mice, Christine, who is a mouse and rat breeder and a vet tech. You need to friend me:

If you pm me a photo I will put you in the group and start your thread with the photo. Christine and I will help you on that thread with all of your questions until your baby is healthy and happy and weaned. I can use a photo of mine if you don't have one.

***If you don't have FB** of course we can still work here and I will be consulting with Christine but it is far slower this way. I will be far happier to help you in our baby group also because of treating for a respiratory infection.

So if you can, friend me and pm me with any photo/info you have and I will set you up tomorrow.

Best of luck. I hope to see Thimble soon :)




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