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Mice/Mouse Keeps Scratching Ears


QUESTION: For the last maybe two months my mouse has been scratching behind her ears and right below them. She's had two doses of Revolution from the vet and also a lime-sulfur  mix the vet provided in case it was ringworm. Nothing is helping and she's still scratching. I hate seeing her miserable but I don't know what else to do!

ANSWER: Dear Sanjiya,

If you are on Facebook, by far the best option is for me to bring you into a rat medical group where people help me with mice too. You could post (or I could post for you) his photo and a complete description of what has happened. There are about 8 medically trained people as well as many other very experienced people and it is a high powered group. One person may have an idea where another does not. So if you can friend me and pm me I can bring you in.

Or we might choose to post in my own rat and mouse group. In any case we can talk to people.

Of course if you aren't on Facebook no problem.

What does she eat? Itching can be caused by excessive protein. It can also continue due to OCD.

I expect to hear from you soon-- I hope we can help her.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Scratching Mouse
Scratching Mouse  
QUESTION: Sorry it took so long to reply. My mouse acts feral and doesn't like to be touched so it took FOREVER to take this picture which may still not be good enough but she wouldn't keep still. I can try to take more if you need me to.

The sore was worse before -- it was open but now is closed but she still scratches and I know it will get to the point where it opens again. She scratches under and behind her ears too which is pinkish red.

Their diet isn't the best but they are so picky (and spoiled). They eat Honey Nut Cheerios, oatmeal, white rice, Oxbow Rat and Mouse pellet blocks, sometimes barley, plain popped popcorn and too often sweets and some other junk food.

I have been to 2 different vets 4 or more times without success. The last vet did a fungal culture which came back negative. She's the only one in the group of 4 females who has this problem. I'm quite frustrated since nothing has helped yet. I just want her to have some relief and hopefully won't have to waste more time going to the vet.

I don't have a Facebook account but I wouldn't mind posting in your rat and mouse group.

ANSWER: Dear Sanjiya,

Let's test for allergies.

I want her in a different place in the house. No air sprays, air fresheners, incense, etc. Don't use perfume/cologne, hair spray or hair gel, or scented after shave; use a different deodorant if you don't like going without; wash your clothes in a different detergent if you can!!

Wash her cage, wheel, water bottle, in straight hot water, no soap. Feed her only raw oats (like for making oatmeal).

For three days.

Then please write back.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The first day started yesterday so I have 2 more to go. I am now wondering if it could be the bedding made from recycled phonebooks. Should I remove the bedding and just lay down papertowels instead?

Dear Sanjiya,

How stupid of me to have you give her oats when that was part of her diet! I didn't even notice that. Switch to cooked brown rice only if she is still scratching.

Yes paper towels are great, and I didn't mention that either, which I usually do. I am sorry- apparently I was distracted as I was writing to you. Good thinking!

What  has happened since?

Sorry for the delay too.... I was sick, traveling, and sick again, and my ipad and phone aren't getting my email anymore. I am afraid I neglected a few people.

I feel like I really let you down :( very sorry. Let me know what is going on now.




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