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Mice/New mouse looks kind of greasy and shivers?


I recently got a new fancy mouse so that my older mouse wouldn't be so lonely. When that didn't work out, I got another cage and four days later went back to the pet store and got two more mice to go with the new one.
It is two days after that and the first new mouse is looking somewhat greasy, or wet. Whenever I hold her, I notice that she shivers as well. Could it be an allergic reaction to the bedding I'm using (carefresh)?
My older mouse uses this bedding too and her fur is greasy like that, but I assumed it was from older age. Now I'm not so sure.
Is shredded paper good for this kind of situation?
As an extra question, how often should I clean a cage that has three mice in it?
Thanks :)

Dear Drea,

It sounds to me like these gals may be sick. Allergies don't make them shiver. When they start looking disheveled it can mean they are too sick to clean themselves.

Can you get them to an exotics vet? You may be able to find one here:

Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (WORLDWIDE)

I can help more if you friend me on Facebook and I also run a rat and mouse group. You need to pm me to tell me who you are. Pm me some photos if you would like me to take a look.

We have a ton of resources for mouse owners.

Best of luck to them all...




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