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Hi Natasha,
This is my first time owning mice as pets. When I picked up 4 of them, at the beginning of August, I thought they were all boys. It was probably around the 8th when I noticed the albino was getting pear shaped and was most likely pregnant. I left her in with the boys for a couple days, then I prepared her a nesting box.
I dropped her a tiny bit when I was moving her :( I really didn't mean to... it was from a height of maybe 6 inches onto a hard surface, right on her belly :'( On the 13th she had just a tiny bit of blood, partially dried, on the surface of her vagina. She's been acting completely normal and still grew to the point that she's HUGE now.
That's the thing... it's now the 17th and she still hasn't given birth. Did I cause a miscarriage when I dropped her? Or maybe she's just not ready yet? I have no idea if she's a first time mom. I've been leaving her alone except to put fresh food. She's been drinking a lot and nesting.
I'm just worried and maybe you can put me at ease? What should I do from here? What should I expect from the mouse if the babies are miscarried? Also, if she is a first time mom and DOES have the babies in the next couple days, what is the chance she will cull them? I want to be prepared :(

Thank you so much for the help, I'm glad I found this site and I hope to hear from you really soon!!!

Dear Alyson,

With the delay in  my getting this question I don't know if she has given birth yet. Very sorry! I was sick, traveling, and sick again, and neither my phone nor ipad was letting me into my mail account. :(

Because you kept her together with the boys, and she was with them before (I am surprised they didn't fight..!), you have no idea when she got pregnant. However if she was already round on the 8th -- and hadn't given birth on the 17th-- that is going to be a lot of babies.

First time moms occasionally eat some or all of the pups out of confusion; the other reasons that any mouse would do so are stress, knowing that something is wrong with them, or when they die.

I think I just need to be caught up with your situation to help. Again I am so sorry for the delay. However I do have something to offer you if you have a Facebook account. I run a large rat and group and we have an auxiliary babies group (Oh, No, Babies!) just to help people with unexpected (oops) litters- and with orphans. I can add you and set you up with a mouse breeder to answer your questions. We actually have  a number of mouse breeders in the group, so any question that yours can't answer will easily be answered elsewhere. We also have a lot of medical help. I will probably set you up with a sweet young woman named Daisy, since she doesn't have anyone right now.

Please friend me

and PM me so I know who you are.

I am so sorry I wasn't here for you :( :(

squeaks n giggles,



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