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Mice/Mouse likes to Chirp


Hi Natasha,

I picked up an albino mouse from a fosterer yesterday. He was taking care of the little critter for a local rescue group. Tofu, as I call him, was kept for two years in a tank smaller than 10 gallons with one wire wheel and bedding. He did this out of ignorance rather than neglect.

Unfortunately, the tank smelled a bit like urine and the room itself had a noticeable urine smell from his cat. When I got Tofu home to his new palace, he seemed very excited by his large surroundings. He loved his new wheel that didn't make his back arch and the various tubes. He just "chirped" now and then as he explored.

Now that it's 9:30 in the morning, he's still chirping and hasn't gone to sleep. With all the running around he did yesterday afternoon and well into the night, I thought he would've been tired and asleep. He's not lethargic and likes to eat. He's exploring and making thesee "chirping" sounds or "chuck-chuck" sounds as I like to call it.

Should I be concerned?


Hi Ozne,

Yes. If he is still making the sounds by today he is sick and needs to go to the vet. What a strong boy to live to two years even when he got sick! But still these things can also kill fast.

On another note, I run a rat and mouse group on Facebook and would like to invite you to join it, for your enjoyment and because I would like to use your awesome cage in our Cage Setups member photo album, since we have so many rat cages and so few good mouse cages in it!!

The group, which is called Rats and Mice are Awesome, is sadly only Rats are Awesome on Facebook:

You should friend me (Natasha Athena Millikan; the pinned post is also mine) and message me so I let you in.

May I use your cage even if you are not in Facebook?




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