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Mice/Mouse is Miserable


QUESTION: Hello again,  

I wasn't able to send another follow up so I had to send a new question.  Nothing seems to have helped.  Not even using paper towels, changing the diet or using fragrance free materials.  I took her to the vet again last week and he was stumped saying the previous two bars seemed to exhaust all options.  He have a steroid spray/antibiotic called Genta Ved which contains gentamicin sulfate with betamethasone valerate. You're supposed to spray it 3-4 times a day which I did for 2-3 days but stopped as it seemed it got worse. The vet said its probably something that only affects her since the other mice aren't having issues.  That fungal culture was negative so it's not ringworm. I'm reluctant to do so but I thinking of having her out to sleep because I hate to see her miserable and she doesn't seem to be getting better.

ANSWER: Dear Sanjiyah,

The last ditch effort to stop a mouse that is scratching itself to serious injury  is a body wrap and Haldol. I have seen this work even on a mouse that was eating herself alive at her belly and abdomen. She lived another year.

If your vet is iffy, remind him that vets use Haldol on birds to keep them from plucking out the feathers. This is OCD behavior. With the mouse, something made her start scratching but then she couldn't stop after the trigger was eradicated.

Let me know if your vet is amenable to this option.

Best of luck and health to her.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Do you think I could use a liquid bandage on it?


No, unfortunately. Try putting it in an open wound of yours.. it hurts terribly. :( :(

Glad you asked first.

Did you ask the vet about Haldol? It is better than putting her to sleep.

Did I give you the link to my rat and mouse  group? My device access is so poor right now I think I will go on vacation for the duration of the time I am visiting my elderly parents and taking care of them (maybe another week). You can still post follow ups but the question is whether I see them. The Facebook group is called Rats are Awesome but it is mice too. Just in case that method of communication works for you (I should say, friend me-- the pinned post is mine-- and message me).




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