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Mice/Mouse Won't Stop Scratching


It's me --again. I won't bother you again but I couldn't send a follow-up and wanted to let you know what my vet said about haldol. He did some research and didn't find anything about using it on mice so he won't consider it as treatment (although I still think it may be a good idea). I've decided I will try Revolution again and probably an antibiotic since she seemed to do a little better on both. I think the treatment wasn't successful before because the doses between the Revolution were too far apart (and my vet said she shouldn't need more than one which I now know is incorrect).

On the bottle of antibiotics she was prescribed it says it's a Baytril suspension but it's yellow. I purchased Baytril in the past from a bird store but it was clear. Is it the same thing? Would there be a better antibiotic than Baytril? I'm going to try to do this on my own since I've spent so much in going to 3 vets who seem incompetent, uninterested and unwilling to help. Again, I really appreciate ALL of your help! (If I had a Facebook account I would definitely join your mouse group)

Dear Sanjiyah,

It is possible that she started with an ear infection which was helped a bit by the Baytril; in which case she ought to have amoxicillin added.

Revolution is usually given once a month but it can be every two weeks. But it is such harmless stuff, it is a not an issue it he overdosed her.

Medications are made with different suspension liquids so it is fine that it looks different.

Your vet was talking about PTS (euthanasia; putting to sleep). If he is going to do that rather than trying Haldol he is..... Well... Thoughtless. Not using it on a mouse who is well enough not to need pts because of fear of side effects, is one thing. But being so stubborn as to think side effects are worse than death is another. Does that make sense to you?

Does your vet understand that she probably is OCD? It is important that he comprehend that. It is very very common in mice. They have a high incidence of mental illness. I hope he doesn't laugh at that :(.

I wish I could find the original person who told me about it, and either get dose or, better, put the two vets in contact. But it was so long ago.. I will try. I know she is in my group but forgot her name. And I tried finding her once before to little avail.

Keep in touch. We have got to figure this out. I will really try to get to these questions in a more timely fashion. I think I mentioned I am visiting and assisting my elderly parents with little access to Internet.




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