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Poppy eating a cheerio bad paw side
Poppy eating a cheerio  

Poppy\'s play box
Poppy's play box  
Hi, I'm Ellie, and I got my mouse Poppy from petco, about a month ago. She is just as sweet as can be, and she is the perfect secret dorm pet (shhh, don't tell my RA). I just have a few question about how I should properaly care for her.
I picked her out knowing she had a messed up paw at petsmart. The worker their said she had been picked on because she was week and her days were numbered. So, naturally I had to save her! She was so cute she let me hold her right over my heart, even though she was probably overwhelmed by the pet store.
Any way, it seemed like the perfect fit because I wanted a girl a mouse, but I just wanted one. And she couldn't really run fast because of her paw, so I wouldn't lose her and then get in trouble with my RA.
But now I feel bad, and wonder if she will get lonely all by her self, but at the same time I don't want to get another mouse and have it pick on her or anything. I also have a question about exercise, I made these play boxes for her but every time she would run around in them, her bad paw would get all swollen and bloody. So I stopped letting her. She dosent understand her wheel and won't/can't run on it. I'm worried she isn't getting enough exercise.
And top it off she is a picky eater, she won't eat fresh fruits and veggies. She only eats her mouse food, Cheerios, and occasionally I will give her one forth of a dog treat, for some extra special.
I was also curious what general informtion you know about mice behaviors, and how they communicate things. Thanks so much!

Hi Ellie,

It sounds to me like her paw is infected. She needs to go to the vet for antibiotics. This can kill her.

In her box, take out that litter and put in a layer or two of soft fleece.

Get her a baby mouse friend. They should develop a relationship such that the baby rexpects her before it even realizes that as an adult it will be stronger.

Mouse food is enough if she refuses vegetables. She will be fine. However, I bet you can tempt her with a chunk of ripe avocado!!! NOT with the pit. I have a very sad story about that.

As for everything else, join the Facebook group in the signature of this answer. Click on 'files' under the banner or on a phone click on the banner and choose 'files' -- find our document Common Issues-- and there are tons of mouse links listed as well as rat links.

Do get her to a vet for antibiotics fast!

If you want to friend me for more help, I am Natasha Athena Millikan.

Squeaks n good luck,



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