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Mice/Ear Infection in mouse


Hello, my name is Aubrey. About three weeks ago I bought two fancy mice who I named Roxy and Kiwi. They stay with my dad and I see them about three days out of the seven. My dad called me at work yesterday and told me that one of my mice had an ear infection and he thinks she developed it in the last week. She is tilting her head and her hair is very fluffed up. She isn't walking in circles, mainly sleeping and eating. I separated her from Roxi. I put her in a box with no bedding, a little thing of water, some food and her little hideabout. My question is how can I treat this? Is it possible to treat it with certain oils or a medicine I can buy? I absolutely can't afford a vet right now and I'm extremely worried she's going to die. I love her very much. Please help!

Hi Aubrey,

Poor little mouse! Do not separate them. Loneliness will only make her sicker.

She needs antibiotics. She should have amoxicillin and doxycycline. Please check your pet store for what antibiotics they have for fish. Tetracycline would be a later choice. Capsules or packets; not powder.

Can you please friend me on Facebook so I can help you closer to real time? I will help you to dose what you find. Otherwise tell me exactly what you got and the strength of the capsules.

There are better brands but your pet store probably won't have a lot of options. If you had more time I would give you links to the best ones.

You should also join my group, in the signature below. There is a ton of mouse information and I can help you best that way.

I hope to get a PM from you soon, but I will watch this space as well :)




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