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Last night I noticed that my mouse Bessie had what looked like eye goop that had dried onto and stuck to her eyes. I got a Qtip and tried to remove it and it would not come off her eyes. I just got a new cage for her and moved her into it Friday night. It is a parakeet cage that I secured wire caging to so that she could not get out. The plastic at the bottom broke so I used gorilla glue to fix it and I was wondering if maybe she was having some kind of allergic reaction to it and rubbed her eyes and caused the goop to get on her eyes. I removed her from the parakeet cage last night and put her back in her aquarium tank and this morning her right eye has gone back to normal but her left eye still looks the same. I am attaching a couple pictures of her eye so you can see it. Her face is missing its fur and her ears are all scabbed because she developed a scratching problem shortly before Christmas 2014. She has come a long way from it and actually has her hair growing back in some places but that is a separate problem that is getting better. (The scratching was why I bought her the parakeet cage so that she would hopefully be distracted and stop scratching.) I am very concerned about her eye however and was wondering if you think it will go away on its own or if I need to take her somewhere. The outside of her eyes look a little crusty but I don't know if that is from last night or if it is healing from all the scratching or something else.

Thank you so much for your time,

Hi Makayla,

She looks awful. :( She needs to go to the vet right away. She seems to have several issues. If you can't find a good exotics vet, please send me photos of her from all angles and her story in detail. But she really needs an experienced exotics or pocket pets vet.




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