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Mice/New mouse is sneezing and wheezes when she breathes


I just got her today. To make sure it's not just allergies, the bedding is shredded newspaper. She is sneezing every other second and when she breathes, I hear this kind of wheezing/squeak type sound. Other than that, she seems pretty healthy. She's eating and running on the wheel. Her coat is healthy and her eyes are clean. Could she have a URI, or is it just allergies to the wood bedding I just changed for paper? Because I JUST changed it before I got online to ask this question. I don't know if the wheezing will stop afterward, but I have to be sure. Her cagemate, who I got a couple of days before her, is doing much better, but sneezes once in a while. I don't know if the pet store was using bad bedding, but it seems kind of unlikely that I would get two sick mice out of a whole batch.
I haven't experienced anything like this with other mice I've had (or at least not to this caliber), so I don't know what to do about it or if she is sick or whatnot...
Sorry if I rambled a bit. Thanks.

Hi Draya,

No; it is quite likely that you got two sick mice from the same place. :(

They need to go to the vet right away. That much sneezing can mean she is quite ill. Many pet stores will pay for a sick animal within the first two weeks. They usually want to take the mice, refund your money, treat them, and you buy them back. However sometimes if you beg they will refund your vet visit instead.

Even if they don't have that policy, they should know their animas are sick and need antibiotics. They MIGHT care.

Best of luck




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