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Mice/touching babies for the first time


Ok I have mice that were originally brought to start breeding for the purpose of feeding my friends snake. Well long story short friend couldn't handle snake and got rid of it after I realized one of the females was expecting. She had her babies 5 1/2 days ago. Killed about half the litter and there are 5 left as I discovered today. Before just grabbing the babies I washed my hands with unscented soap, rubbed bedding on the front and backs of my hands and then coaxed her out into a travel cage after playing a bit. I just placed her back in with the babies and I'm terrified she's going to kill the rest of them. Is there anything I should have done differently before I handled the babies? Also I scooped them up all together and only held them long enough to count them and make sure she wasn't holding onto anymore dead ones.

Hi Keahna

Oh dear, oh dear.

I had no idea that my questions were piling up because my 'vacation' had expired.

Very sorry!

I do not handle mouse babies for a week unless I know the heritage and temperament of the mom. When you disturb the nest she may decide that it is too dangerous to have babies now; and eat them to have all the nutrients inside for the next litter when she feels safer. But of course the situation is now past.

Are you planning on continuing to breed? Are the males still with the females? I can help you with groups on Facebook either way. I run a 13,500 person rat and mouse group on Facebook and we have auxiliary groups including an oops litter group and a breeding info group, both run by experienced people. You get personal attention. I truly hope you choose not to breed, but we do have services either way.

Friend me on Facebook at Natasha Athena Millikan. Then message me. A photo would be great too :)

Yay on getting rid of the snake!! I don't think snakes should be pets. They need to have a habitat large enough to slither all around to be happy!!

Squeaks n giggles,



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