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hi Tamarah, a couple of weeks ago i found a mouse, I have no history with mice and was hesitant when I stumbled across this little fella who looked like he had broken all of his legs and was bleeding heavily from his lower abdomen. Feeling sorry for him I took him away from the dead mice surrounding him, I think a cat must've got into the nest, and put him in a cardboard box. I thought he was going to die within the first couple of minutes of taking him home, but he pulled through. Scars now sitting happily in his cage and eating his food. He seems healthier and is starting to walk again. Do you think it was the right thing to do, taking him home and caring for him and do you think he'll ever be back to his old self? And is it fair for me to keep him, considering he's still a wild mouse?

Many thanks Ella and Scar. X

Hi Ella,

These are decisions only you can make, taking into account his health and happiness.  It's pretty amazing that he pulled through - that's terrific!  I am sure he is very grateful that you've put in so much love and care to keeping him alive.

How long to keep him is the part I can't really help with.  If you were planning on keeping him as a pet, I would suggest considering how fully recovered and how mobile he might be as he grows.  If he makes a full recovery and begins to try to escape, doesn't want to be handled, and shows a lot of stress when approached, then you might need to take that into account when making your decision.  However, if he seems happy, isn't 100% physically capable later on, or seems excited with your companionship, then that may make your decision easier as well.  Since I cannot see him or his injuries, and am not a veterinarian, I cannot give you a guess at how much he will recover or what longterm health issues he might face.  When in doubt, you could always consult a veterinarian or wildlife rehabilitator who has experience with injured rodents - they may spot issues you might not have been able to, and be able to give you a better consultation.

I'm sorry I am not able to give you more specific responses, but I hope I helped put your mind at ease a bit regarding the next step!  Best of luck!


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