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Please help! I found an orphaned deer mouse last week. Her eyes opened 4 days ago.Her pee and poop were very healthy. Then about 2 days ago she started squeaking and running around and holding her little bum in the air.She has a discharge ? Poop that comes out and it comes out every 3 minutes its sticky and smells really bad.I don't know if its diarrhea or what.Her pain is breaking my heart. Vets are out of the question cause we only have 3 in my town and I called them and they said they don't see mice.Could it be wet tail or rota virus?She has bloat but I rub her little tummy and it seems to go down.She's on pedialyte and formula which I give her separately.I tried her on bread soaked with formula but she won't eat it. Please help.Thank you so much

Dear Sam,

I have no idea why allexperts did not notify me by email that I got questions in the past few days! There were two other people waiting besides you :( and little orphans need help stat not three days later :( very sorry

I am going to bring your question to some people, including some vets, who help with medical issues. Also I run a FB group for orphan care and I see your questions a lot quicker; and there is a ton to research. I will come back to this question and you'll get a notice that I have changed it.

Very sorry!




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I can answer questions about raising mice and caring for them as pets, with knowledge from my 38 years of having fancy mice as pets. I have NO MEDICAL TRAINING and you should take a sick mouse to the vet; but if you simply can't, I will try to help you. I LOVE PHOTOS!!! I ALSO LOVE UPDATES! Let me know how the little tyke is doing later on, for better or worse, especially orphans. It also helps me to help the next person. Please first search first: use 'Natasha Mice Mouse' with whatever else your question includes. Or check out these links: **** YOUR FIRST MOUSE (my video; rough draft): **** TEN VIDEOS ON RAISING ORPHANS: **** SEXING MICE: **** And some GREAT MOUSE INFO SITES:


I have had mice for 40 years (since I was 5!). I raised them when I was a child but now I keep all females, and never fewer than three so that if one dies the others are not devastated, because they have each other.

I run Rats and Mice are Awesome on Facebook. The official name is Rats are Awesome.

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