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I found two baby mice in my driveway. They were pretty limp and dehydrated looking, and my driveway is the hangout for my neighbor's cat so assuming the worst for their mother I decided I would look after them. Thanks (largely) to the information I found on the mouseranch website's FYI section I have been keeping them fed for more than two days and they appear alright. Nevertheless I have a couple questions I'd like to pose.

For formula I started them on mostly water at with a little goat milk and then gradually increased the percentage of goat milk at each subsequent feeding until it was pure goat milk. I have been stimulating their bellies and genitals in order to make sure they excrete their waste.

My first question is to the color of their poop. When I first found them their wast was hard and dark and has since turned yellow. I read that yellow with dark spots in the normal color of their waste, but I was wondering how hard it should be? At their last feeding their waste looked a little runny to me so fearing they would get dehydrated I added a little extra water to their food. I think this was the right thing to do but am not sure.

My next question is how active should I expect/want them to be in between feedings? Is it a good sign if they squeak and move around a lot, or should they be sleeping mostly, or is neither one normal and both okay?

Thanks so much for your time answering--any info will help put my mind at ease.

Hello Jim,

Sounds like you are doing a great job!

Moving is fine; squeaking may mean they are still hungry or they may just be talkative.

A little runny poop is not unusual. I would add a little canned pumpkin to their formula and also cut it 50% with pedialyte until their skin is firm. Goats' milk may not be the most appropriate thing- mice are best on KMR. But don't switch last--

I would like to see a photo but more importantly, may I help you in  much more timely manner on Facebook? I run a group for orphans and oops litters (rats and mice) where you have one on one advice and lots of resources as well as all of the older cases to read.

Please friend me (Natasha Athena Millikan) and PM me. You can send the photo/s there. I may want to put your guys on a special diet to give them a boost.

Of course if you aren't on FB you can write back here too!




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