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Mice/Mouse behaving erratically


We had two mice and one of them died a few days ago. The other one began to display the following behaviours - first it was severely itching and scratching and making lots of noise (I assume pain) and jumping around. I immediately applied some spot on anti pest drops and now the scratching has stopped. The mouse (can't remember its name - is my son's mouse) is now jittery and jumpy. I have seen it drinking and eating today so that is a relief. We are also suffering a heatwave with temperatures in high 20s degrees cent. I have placed a moving fan near one of the cages - it can get away from the fan if it wants but seems to be ok with it.

Question - its behaviour is it from its likely infestation and will it subside? Or is it from the death of the other mouse? Or perhaps when I put the drops on - didnt handle her but had to chase her a little bit. Perhaps a combination.

Is there anything else I should do and is the fan ok?

Best wishes

Hi Amanda,

Mice do grieve, and it can take a few weeks for a mouse to behave normally after the loss of a friend.  During this time, you can help make things easier for her by giving her extra attention and new activities/toys to explore.

When mice live in pairs or communities, they control pest populations like mites through mutual grooming.  When a mouse suddenly lives alone, mites can become out of control and cause the itching you are describing.  If the spot treatment worked, that is great!  You may need to reapply after a certain amount of time according to the label, and it would be a good idea to sanitize the cage and completely change the bedding at the same time.

As long as the mouse can get away from the fan when needed, that should be fine.

I'm sorry for your loss, and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.



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