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Mice/My new born are dying. Plz. Help


Hello. I bring my two friends home on 1/8/2015 of both genders. I lost the boy on31/8/2015 he was beaten by a cat. Now I was left with only girl n found she was pregnant. She delivered 5 babies on 7/8/2015. They were all fine but suddenly one of boy appeared weak n he passed on 18/8/2015. Now my little baby girl (all of them with their eyes closed) she's suffering. She's not drinking her milk from her mom. She's so weak, heavily breathing, sometimes shivering. Her mom is loving n taking care of her but shes getting weaker. What should I do, there is no vet in my area. Plz help me immediately. I don't want her to die. Plz

Dear Navneet,

I am very confused. How could mice born on the 7th of August have their eyes closed on the 21st of September? Or did you mean that all to be September?

In that case when you wrote this they would have been 14 days old and have opened their eyes within two days if they had normal development,

What is the situation now?

I believe your mice have a genetic disease. That is so sad. Absolutely do not breed this doe (girl) or her pups (babies) again.

I am sorry to get to this late, I was not getting my notifications .




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