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Hello, my 1 1/2 year old mouse began developing scabs about 2 months ago. They started off as 2 small scabs on his back. I thought maybe him and his cage mate got into a fight but a week later and no improvement. I took both my mice in and treated them for mites. Nothing happened and my mouse continued getting worse and scabs got bigger and I noticed he was the one hurting himself. I brought him back in and they gave him a topical cream called Soother Plus which I have been applying for about a month and it stayed the same until the last week and a half where it got so bad (see picture attached, the white stuff is another ointment he was given). I took him back in today where they just gave up because he has eaten away his skin to the subcutaneous layer. The vet suggested euthanasia but I wanted to try another option. So she gave metacam, baytril and a silver sulfadiazine cream. He acts 100% normal, plays with his cage mate and eats fine so I didnt want to just put him down just yet.I have also changed his bedding to fleece just in case his Carefresh bedding was the problem but it doesnt seem to be. I was wondering if I can do anything else to stop him from self mutilating or if you may have any ideas as to what is causing it. She wants me to take him back in on Monday for euthanasia if the medication doesnt help. Should I put him down even if hes acting normal besides the mutilation?

Dear Kayla,

Do not put the mouse down! I have seen too often these OCD mice pts and now I have seen some cured. Your vet will have to be creative but what has worked for other mice is haldol. I have not yet researched to find a recommended dosage or regimen so your vet will have to be creative.

Let me know what he does.

Also if possible, put a body bandage on the mouse so it can heal.

I so hope i am  not terribly too late. I was not getting my notifications.




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