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Mice/raised bumps on face


QUESTION: My mouse has three little bumps on her face; two on either check and one around her right eye. I think it may be an allergic reaction but I'd like to be sure.

ANSWER: Hi McKenna,

Is there any way you can send a photo of her face/the bumps?  From a description, there isn't much I can guess, as skin problems can be any number of things.  Possibilities include mites, lice, allergies like you mentioned, injuries, reactions to irritants, or even blemishes.  What suggests to you that it may be allergies?  Things to look for (and to let me know about if you can't get a photo) are:

-Color, size, and texture of the bumps
-Hair growth or lack of growth around the bumps
-Any irritation to the area, like redness, swelling, discharge, scabbing, etc.
-The health of the right eye, is there discoloration, squinting, discharging/weeping, crusties?
-Other mice in the cage - do they have bumps? Do they play too rough or fight?
-Any new changes in bedding or food/treats?

Please feel free to get back to me with more information, and I will help however I can.  Of course, the best thing to do any time you are worried is to see a veterinarian who works with mice.  It's MUCH quicker and easier for an experienced vet to identify the cause and solve it promptly.  I know it's not an option for everyone, though, so like I said, you can always write me a follow up question and I'll see what I can do.

Best of luck,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The bumps are skin colored and there isn't any hair on them. They don't seem to be irritating her at all; no itching, scabbing, or discharge that I can see. Her eye also looks fine except for the bump. I have another mouse in the cage but she doesn't have any bumps and they don't fight. I did just change their food because the store wasn't selling the same food I had been previously buying for them so I'm worried that I won't be able to fix it but I'm going to buy new food asap. Unfortunately my computer is not cooperating by letting me add a picture but the pictures aren't very clear anyway because of her squirming. Thanks a bunch for helping.


While it certainly could be a reaction to the food, allergic reactions are frequently accompanied by inflammation or trouble breathing.  It sounds like these bumps aren't all that swollen or irritated, so as long as she is breathing normally, I would look elsewhere for causes.  Parasites or bugs are still a possibility, but the fact that she isn't itching at all makes me think otherwise.

Well that leaves us sort of stumped, huh?  As long as the bumps are small and not bothering her, I'm actually inclined to think pimples/skin tags.  Of course, I'm guessing without actually seeing them, so you should still search for other possibilities (e.g. changing the food back and seeing if they go away, watching for new clues or symptoms, watching to see if they get worse or better, looking around the cage for potential irritants, etc.).  Is a vet an option for you?  That would be the fastest and easiest way to get an answer on whether or not it's something to worry about.

Let me know how she does if anything changes, I'd love an update!


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