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I recently bought( about over 4 weeks ago) i bought 2 fancy mice. All of a sudden i noticed one of them has the redish bulge coming out of the mice's butt( i think?)it look really weird and wasn't there an hour ago. I tried searching the web but nothing like it cam up until i searched fancy mouse giving birth. i looks like some of the pictures but i dont know what to do if it is. I dont know how it would even get pregnant the clerk said they were both female. What should i do? if it is giving birth does it need anything? Im going to see if i can upload a pic it wont let me hold it which is weird of it so i might not be able to. please help!!!! Here a pic its in really low lighting sorry was hard to take.

Hi Lauren,

I'm sorry, it was attached but I can't make that picture out at all, unfortunately.  If your mouse were giving birth, you would need to leave it completely alone (unless it needed veterinary intervention, such as if a baby was stuck in the canal).  Chances are by the time you get this message, you already know if there were babies or not, as that is something that would resolve itself very quickly.  Hopefully if that was the case, things have turned out well, and you have a litter of healthy, happy mouse pups and a healthy momma.  You would also need to separate the two adults, as well, since mice have a gestation period of three weeks, and if she got pregnant after over four weeks of being home, the other mouse is a boy!

Other possibilities without making out the image include:
-Anal prolapse
-Herniation, possibly?
-Traumatic injury
-Prolapse of the penis in males

Any of those issues would require veterinary attention.  If at all possible, if the situation is still persisting, please contact a professional veterinarian who has experience with pocket pets like mice immediately and get her seen.  There's not really anything you can do at home to correct a problem that appears that suddenly, but it definitely needs correcting, and I would consider this an emergency.

Please let me know how things go and what the issue was, if you've since found out.  Best of luck,



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