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Microsoft Frontpage/If I upgrade FP to Expression Web will it be easy to transfer as is?


In 2000 my sister in law made me a website using Frontpage.  I simply write an article then update it via Vista.  Just found out Godaddy will no longer support FP Extensions soon.  If I use their blog service then my FP will freeze as is, hubby's website will be affected to. So am looking for a easy solution. Something equally simple. If I purchase Expression Web can we simply transfer as it or is there more to it than that? Am considering a new computer at the same time. Windows 7 or 8. Will I need office to be activated or can I use Web expression like MS Word.  Thank you kindly... am delighted to have found your site!

Hi Brenda

sorry I didn't get the message for this question... just found it.

Give me your website link so I can check what fp bots you are using.

If you are not using any (not counting page includes which are available in EW) then its fairly simple to start using EW.

I can't comment on Windows 8 as I don't think I will ever use it it requires a touch screen computer for best use. Window's 7 is not a problem at all.

Expression Web is not part of office. EW is a web editor and word is a word processor.

If there are no bots to consider (if there were then its a bit more involved depending on the bots used.. the main one's that would cause an immediate problem would be the navigation bot and also themes to some extent but when you know what to do its easy enough to get around these).

I would move hosts as soon as you can, godaddy is not the best host, I myself use


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