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Microsoft Frontpage/Pictures in Frontpage 2002 only showing as X


I have Windows 7 and frontpage 2002.  I am having an issue with the pictures only showing up as a red x.  I know that my path is correct.  I have been using frontpage for the past 10 years, but now for some reason I cant get any pictures to work.  In my ftp program I have an image folder that contains my images and when I click on picture properties in frontpage I make sure that the path is  typed as follows (  That is the format that I have always used to make  it work, but for some reason now it just wont work.  As soon as I save the page in frontpage it turns into the red x.  What could possibly be the problem?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

My website is going to be  Right now I have an Under construction page up as the index.  To see the index page which will be used is  The index page should have a picture on it right under the word "Welcome" but its not showing up and in my FTP program I have the pictures in: html/fundingyourbusinessnow/images folder and the picture properties are correctly labeled as   Its not working in either my browser or Frontpage.  As soon as I save the page the picture disappears and turns into a black dotted box with an x in the middle.  Its acts as if I dont have the picture in the correct folder or not correctly labeled in the picture properties.

Looking at some of your HTML, you're referring to images in folders that start with an underscore _ character. These, by default, are hidden folders. That could be part of the problem.


I don't see any other problems with it... but I really just took a quick look at your page.

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