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Microsoft Frontpage/I cannot open FP and site messed up


FP Version 2002

Back story: Last Th I was working on my site and put a lot of pix on the page w/o reducing. A warning sign came up that said I used up all my space. I reduced the pix & made most thumbnails.It let me save. The next day: my home page came up but some of the pages' links say "The page you are looking for ( Story Stone.htm) is not here." Other pages do come up, but the pix are missing...except the thumbnails. When I click on those - the same message comes up. When I try to open FP, a red X appears - "Documents in this folder not available. The folder may have been moved or deleted. Or, network problems may be preventing a connection to the server." My husband has a FP site on the same computer and he is not having any problems. I called someone who tried several things, but no go. BTW, I check with my 50 megs and I have plenty of space.

I presume your site is on your hard drive and you publish to the server from there?
If so wipe the server and publish your site again.
You should do some maintenance on it first.

you can check your images are correct by using  reports view and

the hyperlinks view when you select an image from folder view will let you know if its linked correctly (or you can use the report however i did not always find in FrontPage the reports view reported correctly all the time the other method whilst slower is accurate... bear in mind any images in JavaScript or any script wont show up in the hyperlinks view) any way you can check your images are correct on your website before publishing.

I would also go to tools - hyperlinks and update your hyperlinks this has everything pointing correctly in fp do this before each publish. its also good to get rid of unwanted graphics so they don't clutter up your space... why pay for a host that only allows 50mb btw?

hope this helps

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