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I do not understand the technical side of a web site.

Our web site was designed in 2004 using Microsoft FrontPage.

Our web site has grown too large for FrontPage which was designed for 500 files, 50 mb.  Our site has grown to 28,078 files, 146.96 mb.  We were experiencing ongoing problems not being able to update the site.   Our host has advised us that FrontPage is not working properly due to the size of the site.  In order to correct the problem, they advised us to break the site into sub webs.  In the meantime FrontPage became uninstalled and will not re-install due to the size.  Our host advised us that the site needs to be put into files using File Manager.  FrontPage should be able to be re-installed and then sub webs added.

Is it possible to move the site to Microsoft Expression Web?

I do not know how to do any of this and am looking for someone that can.  Can you refer me to anyone that could do this type of work

Hi Tim

First what is the link to your site?

Before you do anything at all the site should be backed up three times. One to work on, one to keep as an original and one for experimentation.

Firstly you could do a clean out to see what files are actually needed. I am betting a lot of the images files are not used or linked.

To 'move' to Expression Web, your site should be on your hard drive (I hope it is) and you then open Expression Web and then browse to your fp web and open it.

HOWEVER, if you are using shared borders or the navigation bot then Expression Web 4 has a bug where it replicates those over over.

So you are best removing themes shared borders and nav bots before moving to ew.

You are best using a new template that best suits your needs.

Let me see your site so I can further advise.


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