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I have the following website running for the best part of 10 years and no issue.
Recently I was trying to update using front page as always and getting the following error msg 550 ----- no such file or directory. see attached.

ANSWER: Hi Conor

I can't see the image as its too small and won't enlarge.

What is your website link?

Which version of FrontPage?

Are you publishing with FrontPage extensions or using ftp in FrontPage?

Try recalculating hyperlinks under Tools for a start.
Also get fpcleaner get the one for your version.

Use these two buttons ONLY.

Clear Hidden Temporary Files
Clear the hidden cache(*web)

you can also use it to launch FP.

Use this before you open fp each time.

(don't have fp open when you launch it)

use the recalculate hyperlinks BEFORE each publish.

If that does not fix things come back to me


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thanks for your reply, I am using FP office pack pro 2002.
Laptop running Windows 8.

I Publish the website from File 'Publish Web' in Front page.
Recalculating Hyper Links ran without error?

Clearing Hidden Temporary Files.. Hidden dir could not be found see attachment.

Clear the Hidden Cache.. removed 2 files See Attached.
reran publish web in front page and error 550 remains..

When I run the website in the offline mode all works ok.

I also tried another FTP filezilla client see attached error while loading images..

unfortunately I can only attach 2 images..
Any Help appreciated

Hi Conor

You might want to read this.

You said you were publishing ... then you said you were using ftp are the FrontPage server extensions enabled on the server? Do you have different login's for the ftp and the FrontPage server extensions?

From what i am reading 550 error is a permission error with the ftp server ... have you spoke to your host and described the problem and what you have done?

From what i can see of the first graphic above

The path of the image file is 08/01TS110Loading.jpg

and it is saying it does not exist on the server .... from what i can see the nearest file is this one ALSO and more important in the graphic it says says on the above path image NOT images (note the s)... which is where your pictures actually reside

here is a more succinct explanation

Suggest you do a find in FrontPage to find the file (both) and see what you find.. see if the file name needs amending.

btw all file names should be in lower case they should not use spaces and should use hyphens to separate words they should also describe the image... (helps search engines so that your site does better). (don't go changing file names without using a 301 redirect from the old link to the new)

I would search for the image that is shown in the  graphic ... i am not sure i have written it down correctly as its hard to make out... use Find in FrontPage....

btw support for FrontPage 2002 ends tomorrow 8th April 2014 so make sure you have all windows updates. It would be better if you could move to Expression Web 4.0 which is free ... but I see you are using Frames.... in this day and age its very out of date and i see you have no page rank.

The best time to move forward is always right now before a site gets bigger.

I also suggest you use FrontPage Reports to clean up your broken hyperlinks.


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