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Microsoft Frontpage/FP 2003 FTP Upload Problems


I used FP 2003 to set up a site (commercial) in 2004.  Have used FP and FTP (Filezilla) to upload changes etc. with no problem. I used a PC with XP.  I upgraded to Win 7 (32 bit ver).  When I reloaded FP 2003, Win 7 would not allow the modified pages to be shown on HTML.  I was informed FP 2003 does not work on Win 7.

So, I put virtual XP onto win 7 and used FP through the vitual XP software.  Everything worked fine.  When I tried to upload the modified files, Filezilla indicated the transfer was complete but the file size on the remote server did not change and the site continued to display the old pages.  IX web hosting told me they moved files back and forth in a test mode and indicated it was snot their server issue.

I recalculated (synchronized) the meta data (at least I think I did by re-calculating the links) to no avail. I took a copy of the site to another PC with Win 7 (64 bit ver) and tried to transfer an html file to the remote server.  Same response - files successfully transferred but the remote file stayed the same. Any ideas to fix?

I dabbled with Dreamweaver,  Move to that and go from there to upload? It is a commercial site so I need to find s fix ASAP. Or find a PC with XP OS and use that.Thanks for any help.

I used FP 2003 just fine on Windows 7. You just have to make sure you use FTP and hot HTTP.

I would recommend downloading Expression Web (it's FREE) from Microsoft. That's what I use now. No problems. Any other issues would be on your server.

You won't be able to use any features that require Frontpage Server Extensions, but most ISPs don't recommend those anymore anyway.

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