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Hi Tina,
In EW4 Panels>Hyperlinks, it shows me that I have 831 broken internal links and none external. Is it save to fix them?
Hyperlinks in EW4 seem to work differently then in FP. I cannot connect pages the usual way. It just writes the new link somewhere on the new page itself instead of doing the linking. Have you come across this before?

I would have to see the website got a link?

Yes it is safe to fix them. Go to the page via the broken hyperlinks panel sometimes if the link is long with lots of script coding then it may appear broken when it is not. You will just have to test the links by opening them in your browser ... might be better to open that page on your site online and hit each of the links on that page that are coming up with a problem. You can also use this for each page of your site
and there is also .. which i think is free.

Mostly though you just have to check them out for yourself sometimes they have not been linked correctly on your page with something missing or misspelled....You click the top of the columns so the same one's are bunched together etc.

I think you might be thinking of shared borders and the link bars ..EW does not have those.... so one would use either a DWT or an Include page to make menus with. my site is all text links using includes within a dwt.

You might want to check out my free ebooks about setting up expression web firstly then the dwt ebook and there are page include tutorials.

hope this helps


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