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Our web host (GoDaddy) has informed us that they will no longer support our sites since they were created using FrontPage. They suggested that if I wanted to continue to use our current site I change our host plan to their “Plesk” hosting which would handle the Access DB (although they continue “NOT TO SUPPORT Frontpage or Access”).

I was able to migrate the files to their “PLesk” hosting plan but am having trouble configuring the site so that it recognizes the Access DB. They sent me an instruction sheet on how to set it up but there is something I am doing wrong.
Nobody at GoDaddy knows absolutely anything about FP or Access & cannot get them to help me.

In my most recent call to GoDaddy they suggested that I convert the db to MySQL db - but I'm not even sure that Frontpage could be configured to use a MySQL db.

Would you be able & interested in resolving this issue for us?

Hello - I am also a GoDaddy user and am familiar with this.  I have found GoDaddy to be very helpful in the past,  hopefully they can help.

Front Page has not been supported by Microsoft for along time so finding something that will be compatible might be challenging.

I also saw that Godaddy mentioned the issues with using Access as your DB.

I am sorry that time does not permit me to be able to help.

There are already many conversations on this subject.

doing a browser search might be helpful seeing how others are resolving.

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