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Hello Nancy

I want to ask you. I understand that Microsoft stopped producing Microsoft FrontPage.
And that Expression Web is suppose to take over. Is that true? I mean, I worked using FrontPage. And will Expression Web, help me continue to work where I left off from when I was using FrontPage? Which in other words, means that I will be doing the same exact thing in Expression Web that I was doing in FrontPage and no different? That the only thing that will be different it is Expression Web and not FrontPage?

And one more thing. I also understand that it is free to download Microsoft Expression Web from is that also true?

Thank you for your time. In this matter, Nancy.

Martin C. Meyer

Martin, Expression Web is loosely based on the concept of Dreamweaver, not at all like FrontPage.  

I was a FrontPage user until it was no longer supported, I purchased Expression Web and never used it, I transitioned to Adobe Dreamweaver.

The following is an overview of Expression Web and offers a free download.

The Micosof Community does help with quesions.

For example: GoDaddy no longer supports the FrontPage extensions and is saying that some features will not work and it is necessary to update sites that use FrontPage.

The following is a discussion on replacing frontpage.

There is also an authoring software called CoffeeCup

All the best.


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