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I have a domain with Godaddy and I develop the site using Frontpage, but do not use Frontpage extensions.  I can upload any page using ws_ftp except index.html.  All of a sudden, that page gives me access denied.  Even trying to rename index.html, I get the same error.  Godaddy says I must have done something to lock that page and it is out of there scope of support.  They also told me Frontpage is not supported and to use some other software.  Since I don't use the extentions, is that true?  Any assistance you can give me to allow me to upload the index.html page would be greatly appreciated.

Marty - I know GoDaddy discontinued support.  It was my understanding from what I read it was the extensions that were the problem and they are no longer supporting, but if you do not have the FP extensions enabled it should work.

If you use Ws-FTP can you see your index.html on the server?  Have you tried deleting it manually from the server ?  I am guessing you might have but just in case.

It does sound like the file is corrupt and I am surprised they can't delete the file for you.

There is an interesting discussion on the subject at

But I don't see a resolve.  GoDaddy has their own fTP feature, have you tried that.  

I personally feel at some point it would be best to upgrade to Expression Web, there is a free download but it is different than FrontPage more like Dreamweaver.

Hopefully you will be able to find a resolve, you are not the only with this problem, this is the first time I don't feel GoDaddy is being helpful.


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