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I am using this basic code to get my text to go on the very top right side of an image.

<img src="Robert.jpg" align="Left" width="25%>
<p style="background:red; color:yellow; font-family:arial; font-size:150%;">I then type all my text here.</p>

I works very good.  And I love using code by hand.

But as you can see my text should be ontop of an all RED background.

And it is not ontop of a RED back.

Why am I missing a Tag or something?


Hello Robert - I feel like you are referring to "highlight color" not background color .

<!DOCTYPE html>
span.highlight {
   background-color: red;

<span class="highlight" p style="color:yellow">I type all my text here.</p></span> No highlighting <span class="highlight">Highlighted text.</span>


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