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Dave 1 wrote at 2009-09-22 17:35:37
To answer your question which to me is quite clear and as yet unanswered.

From what I can understand as a none expert. It depends on the web page that you visited, cookies and their expiry. In short I always log out rather than close the web browser. I hope this is of some help pending a real answer

Wes wrote at 2014-01-10 02:36:29
Wow... to answer your question Bruce; some websites do not log you out just because you break the connection (closing your web browser) on your end. Most do however, so "X'ing" out will also log you out most of the time. Either that, or you will soon time out on their end, even though you don't see it because you closed the browser.

I.E. X out of AmEx's website, then open it back up and you'll see that you have to log back in. Hence, you were logged out as soon as you broke the connection to their website. But my company uses a web-based program that will not allow more than one user to view/edit a job at the same time. I have to actually switch the job being viewed to another one, or log out of the server for someone else to go into that job and look at it. Just X'ing out of IE does not take me out of that job until my login "times out" due to inactivity in the company server an hour later.

Hope that helps - Wes "resident Jack of all trades, and Master of none."

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