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Microsoft Internet Explorer/Computer slowing; YouTube on the fritz


QUESTION: Dear Sandeep,

I hope that you'll be able help me. I ask that you be patient, as I'm not as well-versed in computers.

I have a Windows XP, refurbished Dell computer.

The other day, I very impatiently went to a website that offered a free showing of an animated movie I wanted to see. The video wouldn't play. So I saw an option to update what I think was Adobe player. When I did, the video still didn't play. I decided to uninstall that new version.

When I did that, I no longer could watch YouTube. So I went back and added it again. Now the computer is really slow, and YouTube videos play, but the screen jumps. The video stops and starts forward, instead of playing fluidly. When I uninstall, I kept getting these security messages asking if I wanted to see the whole webpage. I also kept getting another screen saying, Adobe International wants to install.

I had a IT tech friend help me over the phone. We install Adobe Shockwave, Java, we made adjustments. We got rid of the security and Adobe messages, but my computer is slowing down and YouTube is only good now to listen to audio.

Can you please help me to correct this problem?

Thank you for your time in your busy schedule.



ANSWER: Hi David,

The slowness issue you are experiencing can be due to multiple things. I would suggest to go through the following link

Let me know if that helps.


Sandeep Handoo

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Sandeep,

I looked it over. I do all of these things like brushing my teeth. My IT friend had me use CCleaner, disk clean-up, Norton Virus check and tune-up and I just defragged my computer the day before.

Could the Adobe that I'm using be an update version with bugs? I've been exploring my problem on Google and considering using a different flash player.

Do you have any more thoughts on my problem?

Thank you,


Hi David,

I would suggest to uninstall it using the flash removal tool on Adobe website and then reinstall it again.

Link :

Let me know if that works.


Sandeep Handoo

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