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QUESTION: The past two days, IE has not been keeping my browsing history.  Not sure why but it's frustrating having to retype so much into the bar.

Delete Browsing History on Exit is NOT checked.

Any ideas on how to correct this?  I've tried checking the box, restarting the pc, unchecking the box, and restarting the pc with no luck.

ANSWER: Hi Christine,

Regarding your issue, I would suggest you to check the following settings.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click on Tools.
3. Click on Internet options
d) Under general tab Click on Settings
e) If the “Disk space to Use” or the Browsing History space is full, it will not be save any further information. Make sure to empty the space on try to increase the space allocated.

Let me know if that helps.

sandeep Handoo

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Currently set at 250 with browsing history to be deleted after 30 days.  Wouldn't CCleaner clear browsing history (expect those being saved)?

Hi Christine,

If you are still experiencing issues with the Internet explorer not saving your browsing history, I would suggest following steps.

1. Reset Internet Explorer to default settings, try again and see if it has helped.

   Tools>Internet Options>Advanced>reset.

Try to check if IE is saving the history by browsing few websites. In case you are still experiencing the issue, try step 2.  

2. Run Internet Explorer in No add-ons mode. If you find that your History is being saved, then its probably one of your add-ons which is deleting you History every time. Try to identify the offending add-on and see if disabling it helps.

  How to Run IE in No Add-on mode
  Start>In the search box type Internet explorer>Click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)>Browse the websites and check if it is saving the history.

If history is being saved then you need to focus on Add-ons under using following steps

   Launch Internet explorer>Tools>Internet Options>Programs>Manage Add-ons
   Take of note of all the enabled/disabled Items and then disable one item at a time to check which item is causing this issue.

let me know if that works.


Sandeep Handoo  

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